Movie Mafia Productions is developing the project currently titled "Marked in Red" with producer/director Tom Zembrod of Knightmare Productions and writer/director Cliff McClelland of Tales from the Script. The project is being produced by Todd Jenkins and Tom Zembrod, written by Cliff McClelland, and will be directed by Todd Jenkins.



Synopsis: Tom Roberts, a best-selling author of thriller novels, is a popular and successful college professor who has a certain allure with the opposite sex. Then suddenly the first body is found mutilated in the college library, and each clue points directly to him as the possible suspect. With each new killing, Tom begins losing his sanity and is unable to decipher between reality and his own fiction. Could he be the killer, or has someone or something beyond the grave risen from Tom's books?


Project Status: The screenplay was purchased from writer Cliff McClelland and is currently in the development stage. This exciting supernatural-thriller is slated to be the next project for Movie Mafia Productions and has attracted nothing but positive feedback. If you would like to learn more about "Marked in Red" please contact us at .


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